boise weekly reveiwThe descriptors “steak fries”
or “homecut fries” come nowhere near describing the gargantuan size of these fresh-cut, skin-on fries that… Between the burger and just a
couple of the fries, it was already overtaxed, yet extraordinarily happy. read more
Deanna Darr

super sized

It does look like a mighty tasty burger!-

boise weekly reveiw

A casual “old fashioned” burger joint that serves real milk shakes and fresh cut french fries.
If you’re up for the challenge try their famous 2lbs burger. You might just walk out with a free meal.

Sneaky Sunday

super sized

Reviewer average of 4.5 stars!


This burger was bringing on a second wind of appetite. I couldn’t stop eating it.
… Big Juds really hit the spot and I’m glad we made a point of trying it before I bid farewell to the Gem State.
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The Hamblogger

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Reviewer average of 5 stars!